This is my personal journal where I document simple everyday moments or life-changing experiences.

I never want to forget what I felt (physically & emotionally), thought, heard, saw, and smelt in certain moments.

3rd place

3rd place

It's so interesting to know that 10+ months ago, I hated physical activity and every form of exercise. 

Zack would try to convince me to go to the gym with him and when I did, I just walked on the treadmill and anxiously waiting until it was exactly 45 mins later- the time he said he'd be done and I'd get pissed if it was a minute over.

I hated the gym because there weren't any warm welcomes, zero support from gym go-ers, lack of motivation, and no community; things that I really yearned for. 

After months and months of almost enrolling in a 10-week kickboxing program at Farrell's, I finally officially joined in Jan '17. Since then my life has changed. I'm more confident. I became much stronger than I would've have imagined. I felt welcomed and important. I developed relationships with gym go-ers who ask me how my weekend was, what are my plans for the day, and other life chats. Everything I needed was there at the gym. 

I remember my first 10 week program because everyone was so supportive and welcoming that I became a coach after my 10 week program. A coach is someone who helps the new "10-weekers" as we call them, with nutrition advice, supports and encourages them, making sure you're coming to class 6 days a week, and becomes their go-to person when they need help. 

First, never in my entire life would I have imagined myself being 1) active (hahah) and 2) a fitness coach. 

I just finished my third session at Farrell's where I was in a FIT challenge. (Backstory, once you finish your 10 weeks, you become a FIT member.)

My partner Micki and I decided to enter to FIT challenge together. It was for a total of 9 weeks.

Keep in mind this challenge was in the summer when ALLS i wanna do is eat ice cream, drink beer, and lay around. and being is the busiest time in my career made it very hard to stay on track and actually go to the gym. 

Anyway. we got measured at the beginning and the end. Results were taken to another gym for voting.

... and Micki and I got placed THIRD.

1) I would have NEVER thought, I'd be active. I say this often because I was a lazy POS. Honestly. 2) I would have NEVER thought, I'd place in any active challenges/competition. 

It was hard fucking work. Diet/nutrition had to be monitored. Weigh-in every week. And motivating each other every single week. 

this lead me to contemplating about life and how if you want something, you get after it. Wishing I had a better body, wishing I was stronger, wishing i was more confident... WISHING doesn't do anything. I had to change my mindset to: if I wanted SEE change, I had DO the work. 

Oia, Santorini

Oia, Santorini

intently living.

intently living.