This is my personal journal where I document simple everyday moments or life-changing experiences.

I never want to forget what I felt (physically & emotionally), thought, heard, saw, and smelt in certain moments.

my fitness journey thoughts

my fitness journey thoughts

a couple days ago I posted a little bit about my fitness journey and how it changed my life. 

i joined farrell's january 2017 and finished my 10 week session march 2017. i am continuing my fitness journey and couldn't be more excited about it.

you may have read that i loathe every type of physical activity. like all of it. except kickboxing. i've always loved it and never got bored of it. 

before my fitness journey, the gym and I were not best friends. the community i craved for was just not there and it made me really dread working out.

i had heard such wonderful things about farrells and decided to give it a try. and I am so glad i did. you can read about it more in detail here.

my thoughts post-farrell's thoughts.

//community is so important. it keeps you accountable. it keeps you motivated. NOTHING is better than to get to the gym and have people *greet* you. it makes such a difference. my 9:30 crew cheer on and push each other and it just makes for more of an effective workout.

//you have to actually like and enjoy what you're doing for physical activity. do you have to like it everyday? no. but you can't hate it everyday. what fun is that? if you are like me, ihatephysicalactivity - all forms of it. i thought i would never be able to find something that I actually enjoyed until farrell's. and i want to tell you that you WILL find an activity that you will enjoy. but you'll never know unless you try it. 

//that number on the scale... is JUST A NUMBER. for years and years, weight was a huge issue for me because of the number. if i'm not 115bs, i'm fat. (thanks kim kardashian). why is the number SO important? when i had my weigh in, i saw that i lost 3lbs. DAFUQ. all that hard work, pounds of sweat, and eating right resulted in THREE POUNDS LOST?! i legit was going to cry in front of 50+ people but i straighten up, shoulders back, and owned it. i realized right then that the scale doesn't say that i throw a mean roundhouse kick like no one's bidness, that i can do 55 pushups in one minute, that i feel the strongest i have ever felt. the scale didn't tell me what i know to be TRUE. fuck the number on the scale, guys.

//if you are unhappy with yourself, unhappy with your body. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. sitting around and complaining about it will only make it worse. it doesn't have to be vigorous activity at first. take a walk while listening to My Favorite Murder podcast (it's kinda of sick but if you're fascinated with murder and crime- check it out). or while walking, call a friend or family member and catch up. go biking with a friend. what's going to get you excited about a healthy, active lifestyle?

//i'm still a cow. but a strong, confident effin' cow.

//i'm literally sore every freaking day. hurt so good.

//my instructors are amazing. they are the most supportive team ever. they truly care about us and want us to achieve our best us. the ones I have had most are: Joe, he's passionate, a pusher, kind, and genuine. Kent, is a scary at first and still scary after you get to know him a bit but his dedication to us is something i can't describe. he pushes us to the fullest and always reminds us to remember WHY we started. he's like a (much older) big brother that picks on you but it's all love. Sarah, she's a powerhouse. her classes are painful and she teaches them effortlessly without breathing heavily like the rest of us. all the instructors are incredible and i keep saying this but they all have changed my life. and i'm so thankful for them.

//i might have an opportunity to be a coach for the next session. my coaches + the FIT members were all motivating and helpful. If it wasn't for them, I don't if I would've stuck around. they made my journey worthwhile. i decided that i wanted to be a coach because i want the new 10-weekers to succeed and be able to work towards bettering themselves without the judgement that they would get from other gyms. i have never felt judge at farrell's. i have never felt insecure at farrell's. EVERYONE is there for the same few reasons and it's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about if you're huffing and puffing - that means you're working hard and everyone is there to cheer you on. 

//before farrell's i thought workout junkies and healthy lifestyle advocates were annoying as haell. like gross, stop posting motivational quotes. stop shoving information in people's faces. just stop. and you know what, that was really unfair of me to think that... they found something that they LOVE and want to share their success and experience with everyone. why i found it annoying was because i wasn't interested in what they were selling me- meaning, home exercises, strict meal plans, and taking pre-workout, protein, supplements, and etc. but since i found my niche, i want to share with everyone because i could change someone's life just by TALKING about my experience. how incredible, is that? 


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