This is my personal journal where I document simple everyday moments or life-changing experiences.

I never want to forget what I felt (physically & emotionally), thought, heard, saw, and smelt in certain moments.

short trip to bemidji

short trip to bemidji

This past weekend, I drove up to Bemidji for an engagement shoot with Haley + Pat. I was excited to go to Bemidji because I had never been and despite what others say about it being small and having not much to do, I really fell in love with the town and people.

I started my little road trip Saturday morning and by my nanny mom's suggestion, I stopped in Motley for smoked fish galore at Morey's. It was a cute little shop with gourmet spreads, oils, candies and of course a variety of smoked fish. I got some smoked whitefish spread with crackers, cheese curds, and a caramel for dessert.  And on the way back I got some smoked Ciscoes which I've never even heard of before but my nanny mom loves them so I got a few. I had one of these little fishes for lunch and it was delicious. Super creepy looking things as they are smoked whole, head and tail, and you peel the skin back and pick at the white meat.

Photo courtesy of  Black Caviar

Photo courtesy of Black Caviar

So I arrived in Bemidji, checked into my hotel, and headed downtown to explore. I stopped at Yellow Umbrella Boutique first and my jaw dropped. SUCH a cute little shop with amazing clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. I went over to the shoes and almost fainted. I found a pair of Miim sandals that are basically a knock-off of Free People's Mont Blanc sandal for.... SIXTY BUCKS!!!!!! Usually I'm very partial to the 'real' thing- whatever the hell that means. But lo siento, FP. I couldn't pass these up. I would a link to the Miim sandals but I cannot find ANY... maybe they sold out?

I went to 3 other boutiques that were in very close proximity to each other and everyone I encountered was SO DAMN KIND. Like. Yes, I know MN has a reputation for being nice that it's now an actually thing people say but Bemidji was like MN REAL NICE. I met a woman who was so kind to recommend restaurants to eat at and shops to visit. She told me to come back in the summer because that's when the real fun is. 

3:30pm hit and I met my couple at the coffee shop that they had their first date at. LOVELOVELOVE. It was called Cabin Coffee House and they had GIANT oatmeal cream pies. I didn't even get one! Really regretting that decision right now. Anyway, I starting photographing my sweet couple. They sat at the same table where they had their first date. It was so stinking cute. From there we walked around the buildings, snapsnapsnapping away. Then we went to Pat's parent's home to get some cozy, sunset shots. When we were done they took me out to dinner and they'll never know how much that meant to me.  <3

Since we were outsideinsideoutsideinside, I could not wait to get back to my hotel room and soak in my giant ass jacuzzi. I read my book. Learned some French.

I submerged myself in the tub for the last few moments. My ears were underwater and I remember hearing beautifully dainty piano keys. At that moment, I felt calmness, blissfulness, and quietness. I closed my eyes and just listened. I sat up to see what song was playing from Spotify's Dreamy Vibes playlist and it is called, The Quiet at Night. No words. I love when this little moments in life connect and takes my breath away. It's one of the reasons why I wanted to start writing/journaling because I don't want to forget these moments.

The next morning, I did what the locals told me to do... "You HAVE to go to Minnesota Nice Cafe for breakfast!". I was expecting a long wait but I got in within a matter of minutes. I got a classic breakfast called the Lumberjack: eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast. It was REAL good. 

It was time to hit the road again and that's when I stopped in Motley for the cisco fish. I arrived home around 4pm and did jack shit. My sweet husband came home with Chipotle and we watched a movie called The Take with one of our favorite actors, Idris Elba. 

Overall weekend thoughts:
// Stop at Morey's in Motley. It's like stopping in Hinckley for a caramel roll when you're headed up to Duluth. Get yourself some smokey, salty snacks.
// You'll never regret being kind.
// Book the jacuzzi room. You'll thank yo'self later.
// Play music that lets you be PRESENT. That lets you just... be.

craziest story ever

craziest story ever

will this make me more extroverted?

will this make me more extroverted?