Hello, I'm Amy Mae.

I am a wife, photographer, and art lover in Minneapolis, MN. I am very shy at first but when a friendship develops, I am extremely loyal. Experiences that tests my comfort zone and teaches me to look at the mundane or unusual in a new perspective inspire me. These experiences are usually related to foods, travel, and lifestyle practices to achieve a wholesome, happy life. 

I write as if I'm in conversation - rambled thoughts everywhere. There'll be a few explicits, grammatical, and punctual errors. This is my outlet to share what's all up in my head.

I will never shove my thoughts and words in your face. I'll let you come by on your own time, if you decide to. If my words and experiences resonate with you, I'd appreciate and would love to hear from you. I love making connections so don't hesitate to reach out and leave a comment or question. 

Thank you for reading. <3